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Here's a video UPDATE from Super7's Brian Flynn about the Super7 REXOR from the Conan The Barbarian Movie Ultimates assortment! The Conan The Barbarian Ultimates Figures are 7" tall, highly articulated and fully poseable action figures. They will come packaged in a deluxe slip case-style box with a variety of movie-accurate accessories. Background. Rexor used to raid with Thulsa Doom and Thorgrim when they were all young. He is the high priest of the snake cult, second only to Thulsa Doom.

Rexor conan

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Ben was in good spirits and wanted my Conan photos,… Rexor recognizes Conan and attacks him with a double-bladed axe, he is soon joined by Thorgrim, wielding a large warhammer. Conan is nearly overpowered, but Thorgrim's warhammer dislodges a pillar, causing some of the ornate masonry to fall on him and Rexor, giving Conan a chance to flee. Valeria grabs Yasimina and they escape. Seller Notes: “ This is for the Super 7 wave 1 Conan figures.

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He was portrayed by Ben Davison. Rexor was the high priest second only to Thulsa Doom and one of Doom's top henchmen.

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Rexor conan

Features * Overall Length: 150 cms - 59 inches (Full Size) * Blade Rexor is blinded by Valeria (she did say she would stand beside her lover in battle, even after death.

shipping. Action figures Conan. This posable action figure  Conan the Barbarian: Triple Axe of Rexor by Marto of Toledo Spain - Official Licensed Reproduction. Conan Barbare. Thorgrim - right hand man to Rexor, High Priest of Thulsa Doom. Loyal, fierce and with enough muscle to use his warhammer  19 Feb 2015 I figured it would be a great time to celebrate Conan doing battle with his Atlantean sword. It the following scene, The Destroyer battles Rexor,  Super7 Conan The Barbarian Ultimate 7" Action Figure - Rexor.
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Rexor conan

The Rexor Ultimate Figure is a 7” tall, highly articulated and fully poseable action figure sculpted. It will come packaged in a deluxe slip case-style box. Features: Sword Axe Cape Alternate head with Helmet Super7 Conan the Barbarian - Rexor 7” figure.

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