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2011 — Paul Erdös (1913-1996) var en mycket produktiv ungersk​mathscinet/collaborationDistance.html Om man vill läsa mer om Paul Erdös kan jag rekommendera The Man Who Loved Only Numbers av  My Erdös number is 4 and my Einstein number is 5 (take a look here!) lists of my articles can be found on the arXiv, the Zentralblatt MATH and the MathSciNet. av M Utvärdering — som Google Scholar; MathSciNet (nätversionen av Mathematical Reviews); ation that involves numbers or data) can replace evaluation by an individual Erdos introduced him to Einstein as ”a Hungarian math prodigy”. 1 feb. 2008 — A large number of the National Mathematical Societies w ere delighted Erdös i samband med det elementära beviset för primtalssatsen sommaren 1Förutom [​1] finns i MathSciNet nämnda ytterligare 23 arbeten av Arak,  För mer fullständiga listor över Erds nummer, se databaser som upprätthålls av Erds Number Project eller samarbetsavståndskalkylatorn som underhålls av  Erdos-Ko-Rado Theorems: Algebraic Approaches: 149: Godsil, Christopher Norihide Tokushige, MathSciNet of a number of other journals, including the Australasian Journal of Combinatorics and the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics. Graphing Erdős and Bacon.

Mathscinet erdos number

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wanna collaborate on something so I can halve my Erdos number? 4. Apr 1, 2017 An Erdös Number calculator is available at MathSciNet Collaboration Distance. More than you every wanted to know about Erdös numbers is  Keywords :collaboration graph, network science, erdos number with more than 500 papers listed in MathSciNet (and their Erdös numbers) are Hari. If, on the otherhand you want to only count articles on MathSciNet say, then my Erdos number is 4 via numerous paths: [Emily B Dryden-Charles R Johnson- Peter  MathSciNet · Erdös Number: 4. Einstein Number: 5.

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2018-02-27 · I started researching the Erdős number after an internet search failed to turn up a count that I’d assumed would be easy to find: the number of women with an Erdős number of one. If anyone has done this simple study, I found no record of it, and because I wanted the answer, I tracked down the list I mention in the story and I began to go through the 512 names [of people one degree removed In 2004, a researcher Bill Tozier, with an Erdös number of 4, offered the chance for collaboration to obtain an Erdös number of 5 in an auction on eBay. The final bid serious was $1,031.

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Mathscinet erdos number

Moreover  Erdős number: | |Hungarian pronunciation: |||) describes the "collaborative distance" between a person an World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the  To all of you, thank you. My Erdos number is a lousy 5. Alternative paths ( courtesy of MATHSCINET) include: 1. Mike Riordan > David Sappington > Arup Bose  Nov 11, 2018 The Erdos number of a person is the distance to Paul Erdos when or computer science, a good way is to use the MathSciNet website. Jul 24, 2009 MR Erdos Number = 3. Andrew A. Ranicki coauthored with MR: Collaboration Distance 1 of 2.

According to our current on-line database, Paul Erdős has 4 students and 234 descendants. We welcome any additional information.
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Mathscinet erdos number

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See The Erdős Number Project, if you are eager to know it. Attention: If it is  Web as MathSciNet [15]), from its beginning in 1940, we find that this graph currently. has about 337,000 3.
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1. an Erdos number of 6; a Dirac number of 7 (and as my students all know, Have a look here: